Cheltenham network for Ukrainians

Published: Friday July 1, 2022

coffee and biscuits on a tableHoly Apostles Church in Cheltenham is setting up a regular social event for Ukrainian people who are new to the town and they want help to spread the word.

Many churches across the Diocese have welcomed Ukrainian families to the UK in recent months and the team at Holy Apostles wants to help connect people who have just moved.

Every Monday from 25 July, from 6 pm to 8 pm through the summer holidays, at Holy Apostles, there will be toys and crafts for children, time to talk, make friends and network with people across Cheltenham and information sharing on different topics of interest, such as schools and education, form filling, the health service etc. The sessions will be themed around the questions and ideas of the Ukrainians who attend.

A time for quiet reflection or prayer will be offered during the session.

Organiser Margaret Gwynne said, “The idea is to support them settling into Cheltenham in any way we can. Many churches are already helping to provide what is needed which is wonderful. However, this is a chance to help Ukrainian people meet each other and establish networks.

“It would be very helpful to know how many people may be attending to ensure we have sufficient Ukrainian/English speakers, the required ratio for the children’s group and for refreshments. Please let us have rough numbers by 18 July.”

If you know of someone in Cheltenham who is hosting a Ukrainian family, please do share this opportunity with them. If you are a Ukrainian speaker and would be able to offer help with translation, or you would like to volunteer to help, please do get in touch by contacting Âku.1719046684gro.s1719046684eltso1719046684paylo1719046684h@eci1719046684ffohc1719046684ruhc1719046684

A similar scheme is taking place in Newent – see this story for details Newent church and community welcoming Ukrainian refugees


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  1. Is this still happening? I have a Ukrainian family who arrived las t week and might be interested in coming.

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