Bishop Rachel nominated for 100 women list

Published: Tuesday March 8, 2022

Bishop Rachel holding a plaquard saying Every person is a valuable "I" created to live as a "We"Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, 8 March 2022, is International Women’s Day and Bishop Rachel has been nominated as one of 100 Inspirational Gloucester Women in a project by Hundred Heroines and the Museum of Gloucester.

From the front-line workers who have kept us going during the pandemic to our very own bishop – women in Gloucester have proven, on countless occasions, their indomitable, pioneering spirit.

Bishop Rachel used the day to recognise the work of women across the world who strive to bring peace and promote well-being in the places where they live.

She said, “Today I am giving thanks for the women working for peace and well-being in their communities.  I am giving thanks for the women who have influenced me in my encounters in Egypt, Bosnia, Israel Palestine, South Africa and beyond.”


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