Bishop Rachel interviewed live on BBC One

Published: Tuesday September 20, 2022

Bishop Rachel on BBC with Kirsty YoungBishop Rachel was interviewed live on BBC One as part of the BBC’s coverage of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service.

She was interviewed by Kirsty Young, who reflected on the way that the Queen’s death has led lots of people to want to share their own stories about grief and loss.

Kirsty said that the Queen relentlessly promoted community throughout her life. “Many people who have spoken about their feelings regarding the Queen’s death have said that, ‘It reminds me of when …’ and that seems to have been an important part of this eleven days as well.”

Bishop Rachel spoke about how this sense of community, that as unique individuals we belong together, can be seen in terms of the Christian faith as being part of the Body of Christ.

She said, “Absolutely, it’s about community, about the fact that as unique individuals we do belong together. [Community is] also central to Christian faith … the Body of Christ we talk about. In [Queen Elizabeth’s] life and in her death, people are being drawn together. And my hope and prayer is that our remembering won’t be mere nostalgia, but that it will change us.”

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