Bishop gets eco tips from Shurdington School

Published: Friday October 28, 2022

Children and adults in the new spiritual gardenBishop Robert visited Shurdingon Church of England Primary School to chat with the children about their views on the environment.

The children identified some of the environmental issues that they cared about as pollution, littering, killing animals for food, and buying food containing palm oil.

They wanted to encourage adults to also think about protecting the environment and the world around us.

“We should be planting more trees and flowers and picking up litter if we do accidentally drop it on the floor.”

Some of their top tips for daily eco-living at school:

  • “When you buy a plastic water bottle, only buy one, keep it… and fill it up again.”
  • “Make sure you’re not wasting paper. Even if bits of paper have workings out on them… they can still be reused.”
  • “We don’t use electric sharpeners or much stuff that needs batteries.”

Bishop Robert was impressed with the children’s attitude to caring for creation. He said to them, “I think you’re really good at changing the story from sadness to happiness as we care for our planet and setting an example of how to do that.”

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