Young people share how Covid has impacted their lives

Published: Monday March 22, 2021

Over 100 people took part in a special Youth Forum hosted by Bishop Rachel. Young people from across Gloucestershire spoke honestly about how Covid-19 has impacted their lives and asked a number of questions to leaders from across the county, sharing their concerns and hopes.

The event was co-created between Bishop Rachel and students from a variety of secondary schools across the county. To help shape the event Bishop Rachel spent time with a number of young people to first hear their views. You can hear what they said here:

Lots of questions from young people aged between 12-21 were submitted and MPs, health executives, the media, education professionals, youth workers, and leaders from a variety of sectors and organisations were asked to respond.

To take the conversation further, breakout groups were organised, with four key questions that were developed from the themes young people said they wanted to raise. These were:

Mental Health  – How can we become more open about young people’s mental health and access good information?

Education and careers – We are fearful about how much Covid-19 has impacted our learning and education. How will we be supported when we are under so much pressure?

Covid and Community –Are you hopeful about our future and what part will you play in that?

Youth Voice – Why is there no forum for young people to express their opinions in our communities?

Lots of good conversation took place and leaders from across the diocese were asked to do one thing differently that will help them listen to young people and involve them in their decision making going forward.

You can watch a summary of the event here –

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