The future of the UK’s church buildings

Published: Thursday November 4, 2021

This week a national debate has been launched by the National Church Trust, looking at the future of the UK’s church buildings.

With an increasing number of churches and chapels facing closure, the debate highlights the community, economic, heritage and spiritual benefits of churches.

This is a chance for churches to say how their local church can be saved for future generations.

The Future of the UK’s Church Buildings debate is backed by Michael Palin, Vice President of the National Churches Trust. He said: “The UK has over 39,000 church buildings. The restrictions of COVID-19, resulting in reduced funding and fewer worshippers, has clouded the future for many of them.

Yet churches remain a vital and much-loved part of the UK’s history and heritage and we can’t let them fall into neglect and disuse.

“There is hope.  More and more churches are adapting to the modern world and the needs of their communities, providing not just spiritual comforts but a range of valuable services to local people such as food banks and youth clubs.

“If you care as much as I do about the future of these much-loved buildings, do get involved with the National Churches Trust debate about ‘The Future of Churches’ and help shape their future.”

Visit to find out more.

Sir Michael Palin – The Future of the UK’s Church Buildings from National Churches Trust on Vimeo.


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