Sports ministers getting children active in lockdown

Published: Monday April 5, 2021


Sports ministers have been lending a hand to schools during the lockdown by providing active sports sessions.

Some schools were struggling to get pupils outside and active, as demands on staff time were extremely high. Most teachers have been juggling teaching classes of key worker children in school, as well as coordinating home learning.

Being out in the fresh air has a really positive effect on people’s mental health and overall wellbeing, so the staff at PSALMS were keen to support schools to get children active.

Five schools across the Diocese of Gloucester took up Sportily’s (formerly OneLife) offer of sports minister support.

  • Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School
  • Christchurch Church of England Primary School in Cheltenham
  • Bream Church of England Primary School in the Forest of Dean
  • St James’ Church of England Primary School in Gloucester and
  • St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School in Chedworth.

Each of the schools had between 10 and 20 children taking part and while the sessions varied from school to school, they all got the pupils active and smiling as they played games and heard the message of the Gospel and how it can impact their lives.

Sports minister Tim Fletcher said, “It was a real pleasure to spend time with the pupils, and just by listening to them it helped remind me that children are also struggling with this pandemic. There is a real importance for us to show them how much God loves them and how important they are to him.

“Our prayers are that the pupils benefitted from the time spent in these sessions and that a continued relationship will have been started with the schools. We pray that we will have future opportunities to share resources and support with each of these schools and by that it may show them how the message of God can be brought into these young people’s lives.”

Please email Tim Fletcher at ten.k1713382303u.sml1713382303asp@r1713382303ehcte1713382303lf.mi1713382303t1713382303  If you have any questions about the sessions that were run or if you require any more information about other resources that PSALMS can offer.

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