Solène: “My faith makes me feel safe”

Published: Monday November 29, 2021

Solene sitting in her dining room on Zoom

24-year-old Solène, a college student living in Woodchester in Stroud recently took part in the Loved and Liked course. She found that it had a huge impact on her faith.

I’ve always felt connected with God and church helps me to be a bit more connected. I went to two Church of England schools –  before that, I didn’t have a faith. At school I learned about God – there were lots of hymns and I went to church with my school – since then I’ve always believed in God. Now I’m baptised and I feel I am more connected with the Church and with family up in heaven.”

Solène moved to this area in 2014 from London and is now part of a new church community.

“I wanted to learn more about God and to be connected with God a bit more, so I did the Loved and Liked course.”

“I liked meeting other people that I didn’t know, and being together with them and with God. We were all different but it was nice to meet new people from different parts of the diocese and parishes that I didn’t know.”

Solène found her time on the six-session Loved and Liked course was both packed full of new knowledge but also very nurturing to her faith.

She said, “My faith has grown a lot, a lot, a lot. I feel like there is so much more to learn about it but it really helps me to be in that one place with God and to know that He is my calm place and that He is there for me. It’s nice, that reaction.

“It makes me feel safe and it feels like He’s there to protect me and watch over me.”

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