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Published: Tuesday October 26, 2021

Hand holding a mobile phone with the WhatsApp title screen showingEvery Friday, get a WhatsApp message with our TOP three inspiring stories, blogs or events, straight to your phone.

These messages are for Christians living in and around Gloucestershire and will include powerful faith stories, the best courses and events and inspiring videos.


WhatsApp QR code

How to sign up


  1. Download WhatsApp for free from your mobile app store. If you already have WhatsApp, miss this step.
  2. Open the camera on your smartphone and scan the QR code pictured right OR click here. You will get a prompt to Open WhatsApp.
  3. Follow the link and send us a message with the words “Subscribe to OneDiocese” and your name, eg Subscribe to OneDiocese Katherine Clamp.
  4. Then add the OneDiocese number to your contacts list. If you do not do this, you will not receive the updates.

The Diocese of Gloucester will only use your name and phone number to send you the weekly OneDiocese update. We will never sell your data. You can message us with the word Unsubscribe OneDiocese and your name to unsubscribe at any time. There is no charge for receiving the OneDiocese messages.

Diocese of Gloucester Privacy Notice


2 thoughts on “Sign up for OneDiocese WhatsApp messages

  1. At Christmas we are celebrating the most important Birthday that will ever take place Jesus came to show us the way of love. If we we were all full of God’s love, the world would be a place of peace, reconciliation and unity. What a lovely thought. Have a very Happy Christmas. Love, Wendy

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