OneDiocese blog: A relationship with God changes everything

Published: Thursday November 25, 2021

A young man standing in front of a beachIn a lot of ways Isaac Davies is a typical 15 year old, but he has discovered something that changes everything.

“I live in Tewkesbury with my mum, dad and sister, and go to school in Gloucester. I’m into rowing and lots of rugby. I support Gloucester and when I’m not playing, I watch as much as I can.”

“Growing up in the Church has been influential to me. My grandad was a vicar and he’s been a good role model for me theologically and in life. It’s good to be a part of the church community at Holy Trinity. There’s lots of good stuff happening and always something to do. Sam, our youth minister, organises loads of groups and socials and stuff. I really feel a part of something.”

“I know that my faith is always growing and developing, I have a sense of God in my life, that I know Him, and He knows me.

I’ve found that having a relationship with God impacts everything else in my life. It changes everything.

I choose to live life differently – like not swearing, or not getting involved in things I think God wouldn’t want me to do. But that choice is made not because I have to, but out of the love I have for God and the relationship I have with Him.”

“My friends all know I’m a Christian, and they’re all ok with it. Some of them really aren’t that interested whilst others ask me lots of questions. I don’t feel like I’m judged, I think that because they know me, they’re interested in what makes me who I am.

If there are people who think my faith is a bit stupid it doesn’t bother me, in fact I just feel sorry for them.”

“I’m not really sure what I might want to do when I’m older, I’m interested in leadership but maybe not straight away. I like the idea of a gap year, and perhaps doing something overseas with a mission organisation.”

“I’ve been involved with the evening service in church as part of the prayer ministry team, and I get the opportunity to lead stuff in our midweek youth group too. For Harvest, the youth group led the whole service, and I was asked to preach. I talked about the parable of the sower and how the more we sow into our relationship with God, the more we will get out of it. That’s how it feels in my life. I know how great it is to have a real relationship with God.”


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