New eco resource for youth groups

Published: Tuesday June 1, 2021

9 out of 10 Christian teenagers surveyed by Tearfund are concerned about climate change, but just one in 10 believe their church is doing enough to respond to the climate crisis.

Caring for the environment is part of our responsibility as Christians and stewards of all that God has given us.

Barrie Voyce, Senior Youth Connector for the Diocese of Gloucester wants to help give churches the tools to connect with young people and to ensure that church remains relevant to them.

He has put together a really easy to follow programme for an evening of youth activities themed around the environment. It’s free to download and to use and is aimed to make tackling this topic fun and inspiring.

With a quiz, a debate, personal challenges and videos to learn more, this will be an interesting evening for the young people and the leaders alike.


Download online version here —> Download home printable version here —>


If you love this free resource, get in touch with Barrie on ku.gr1721044927o.coi1721044927dsolg1721044927@ecyo1721044927vb1721044927 and let him know.


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