LIFE Together -our Diocesan LIFE Vision

Published: Thursday November 11, 2021

The next season of our Diocesan LIFE Vision has been launched.

In 2017 following a season of prayer and shared conversations involving 6,000 people across the Diocese, we launched our LIFE vision (see pdf).

Throughout 2021 we listened to stories from across the diocese noticing what is being lived and where people still long for change and transformation. It became clear that people are still committed to our LIFE vision, yet the spotlight is now shining more strongly on five specific LIFE commitments. What emerged is LIFE Together.

LIFE Together, shines the spotlight on these five LIFE commitments:

  • Being advocates for flourishing through initiatives which combat injustice, environmental destruction, exclusion and isolation
  • Encouraging new and courageous ways of worshipping in different places which connect with more people
  • Nurturing everyday disciples
  • Investing in people and programmes which excite young people to explore and grow in faith
  • Developing diverse lay and ordained leaders

LIFE Together was launched at our Diocesan Synod. We captured all the highlights in this video.


For more information, LIFE Together resources and the full video from Synod please visit out LIFE Together page.

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