Grants for gardens: St John the Baptist Cirencester

Published: Monday January 25, 2021

Bird box

St John the Baptist Churchyard in Cirencester has become the latest place to be approved for a diocesan #grantsforgardens amount.

The church is hoping to put in bird and bat boxes ready for nesting season, and to help pay for a report on the trees in the closed churchyard.

John Tiffney, Chair of the Friends of St John Baptist Churchyard says the group has been working with the PCC and the local council to create a wildlife area.

He said, “Significant changes have been achieved with over 500 hours of volunteer labour in the past 18 months. We have cleared areas of ground elder, planted bulbs, installed six bird boxes and two hedgehog houses, built a bug hotel, painted or treated five benches, widened paths and generally made the churchyard more welcoming.”

The local school has also been helping to brighten up the space, with a group of pupils from Powells Church of England Junior School in Cirencester spending an afternoon planting bulbs in the churchyard last autumn.

Could you do something similar in your churchyard? A small Grants for Gardens Environmental Fund has been dedicated to helping local parish churches to deliver new environmental projects. Plans that improve the churchyard which include new approaches and innovative ideas as well as sustainable approaches to supporting your local environment are potentially eligible for grants of up to £250.

The money for these grants is based on central service staff mileage contributions with support from Ecotricity and Gaia Energy.

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