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Published: Thursday January 21, 2021

These Eco Church seminars were appreciated by participants in the Autumn, we are offering them again in early 2021 for those who didn’t catch them the first time.  We are offering daytime and evening options for each seminar.  Both are facilitated by Cate Williams, Environmental Engagement Officer; and Joe Knight, curate in Newnham, Awre and Blakeney, who brings his experience of working with churches through to bronze and silver awards.

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Eco Church: Getting started.  This is for those new to Eco Church, wanting to find out what it is all about, why it is important for Christians and how it works in practice.

Eco Church: Next Steps.  This is for those who are registered and on their way towards a bronze award.  There will be some input to get the discussion started but significant time allowed for questions around any areas proving tricky, with both signposting of resources and discussion with others who are working in a similar way with different churches.

The Eco Church award scheme is a tool to help churches think about their aspects of church life relating to environmental concerns and God’s creation.  Areas covered are worship and teaching; the building itself; church land; community and global engagement; and lifestyle.  Gloucester Diocese currently has 71 churches (19%) registered, with 24 churches having achieved bronze awards and 8 going on to silver.  We are in the process of ratifying our Diocesan bronze aware which we completed in December 2020 and are working towards Diocesan silver by the end of 2022.

Coming soon: look out for specialist seminars and events with a more detailed focus on each of the five Eco Church headings.  These are intended primarily for those aiming towards silver+ as an offer to support those tackling the challenge of the higher awards.  They will however be open access, no-one will check you already have your bronze!  The ‘greening our preaching‘ event is currently open for bookings.

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