Climate pilgrims seek shelter in Gloucester

Published: Friday June 4, 2021

Walking boots

A group of eco-pilgrims will be hosted by St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester, as they walk to the COP26 conference this autumn.  

Members of Christian Climate Action are planning to make a pilgrimage to the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November. An interfaith group is doing a Camino from Bristol to Glasgow starting on 9 September, stopping at churches along the route, giving short talks or holding workshops, and connecting with local congregations and communities.  The pilgrimage is expecting a core group of around 12 walkers who are doing the whole pilgrimage to Glasgow, with several others joining the group for a day or two.

The group will arrive in Gloucester on Monday 13 September, before the group continues their walk to Tewksbury on 14 September.  Jess Gordon, speaking for De Crypt says: “We are delighted to be supporting the event and are cheering them on in their pilgrimage.”  De Crypt are working towards their Bronze Eco Church award and have also been offering a wide variety of half term activities that engage with God’s creation in their surrounding natural spaces.

We are all invited to join the pilgrimage for part of the route.

Karen Grattage, a churchwarden and mum from the Bath area is walking with her baby, Lucas. Karen used to live in Stroud and is inviting some of her local friends to walk a short section of the route with her.

If you are interested in having someone from the Camino group along to your church to hold an event such as a talk on the climate and ecological emergency, a family art or craft activity, a prayer meeting or meditation, as part of its mission to raise awareness in the build up to COP26, you can get in touch with Karen: moc.e1695470581m@ega1695470581ttarg1695470581k1695470581

Karen said, “We hope the Camino will generate a lot of interest in the media and social media as it travels through the country, inspiring people and sharing a positive message to help bring about real change during this year’s climate summit.”

The Camino has been organised by Christian Climate Action and other faith groups from XR Faith Bridge, an interfaith alliance which came about following the Extinction Rebellion Faith Bridge in London in October 2019. Besides the Bristol group, there is a main Camino starting in London on 6 September, which will join up with the Bristol walkers when the two groups meet in Birmingham. There are also Camino groups starting in Wales, the East of England, Scotland and some other European countries who will join at key points on the route to Glasgow. The Camino is an opportunity for connection and outreach and will not involve any disruption or civil disobedience but is about being on a pilgrimage together for the Earth and future generations.

The Diocese is also organising a tributary route that joins the YCCN relay from G7 in Cornwall to COP26 in Glasgow.  This will be happening in August, to join the main route as it reaches Birmingham on 23rd August.  All ages are invited to take part.  While the Young Christian Climate Network are organising this relay, all ages can participate.

We are in search of walkers and walk leaders for the sections of the route, as well as host churches in the Forest, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, with the Cathedral receiving the walkers with cake and closing worship in Gloucester City.  To get involved, please contact Cate Williams: ku.gr1695470581o.coi1695470581dsolg1695470581@smai1695470581lliwc1695470581


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