Churches Count on Nature week, 5-13th June

Published: Friday May 28, 2021

It is fabulous to see so many of our churches signed up to take part in Churches Count on Nature week.

CfGA Churches Count on Nature logo

These are a selection of the Gloucestershire Churches involved in Count on Nature, with more in the Diocese involved too, either from other counties or choosing not to share details beyond their locality.

It isn’t too late to get involved.  While the charities behind this, both Caring for God’s Acre and A Rocha, who run Eco Church, are encouraging a focus in this particular week, they also say that we can do this any time that suits us.  So if June 5-13th doesn’t suit you, have a go later in the summer.

The general idea is to notice what is growing in your churchyard and send the results on to Caring for God’s Acre, who are keeping a national record.  Churchyards are significant for biodiversity as they have often been relatively untouched for centuries.  Wider communities are often interested so do find ways if you can to connect with local nature enthusiasts and make this an event for the whole community.

In the meantime, do have a look at the linked Churches Count on nature week webinar programme that covers all kinds of aspect related to wildlife and biodiversity.

Cate Williams, 28th May 2021

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