Blessing for newly installed Cirencester statues

Published: Thursday September 9, 2021

Bishop Rachel on a cherry pickerCrowds of people turned up to watch Bishop Rachel ride a cherry picker high into the roofline of Cirencester on Sunday.

Bishop Rachel is not a fan of heights but braved the ascent to bless the church’s newly installed statues.

The statues, created by sculptor Rodney Munday, are a modern interpretation of the ‘lost’ statues which were removed from the church in the 1960s due to weather damage. Since that time, the alcoves have stood empty.

Bishop Rachel said, “If you were in the service just now, you will have heard our reading from Colossians which said “You have been raised with Christ”… It later said, “You have died with Christ!… I’m hoping that’s not just yet!”

She thanked Rodney the sculptor for entering into God’s creativity and making such beautiful statues.

“They speak to us of God who does not let us go. As Mary holds the hand of Christ, so Christ holds the hand of Mary. To remind us that even in joys, in life, in our struggles, God is with us.”


The view over Gosditch from the statue siteCrowds stand to watch

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