Archbishop of Canterbury speaks on climate change

Published: Tuesday February 9, 2021

This Autumn the UK is due to host the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.  In February, Archbishop Justin Welby addressed faith leaders on the subject.  He said:

“I speak as a Christian. Jesus teaches us that there are no greater commandments than to love God and love our neighbour. To abide by those commandments as a Christian today is to step up to the challenge of climate change and connected environmental crises.”

He reminds us of the human capacity for sin, which in terms of environmental concerns works itself out in the way humanity has exploited the environment and encroached on the natural world.  There is hope however, in opportunities for repentance, in hope amidst suffering.  Against the background of the pandemic, we see the human capacity for change.

He ends like this:

“To live out my Christian faith is to follow Jesus. That must include standing alongside the most vulnerable and marginalised on the frontlines of the climate emergency. As faith communities, my prayer is that we might stand together, emissaries of hope and love, calling for God’s justice and peace upon this precious world. Now is the time for action.”

The full text of this speech is here: Archbishop Justin Welby addressing faith leaders on climate change in advance of COP26.  



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