Action needed: APCM returns

Published: Tuesday July 13, 2021

Diocese of Gloucester logoA reminder that all APCM returns must be received by Church House no later than 31 August 2021.

In February 2021 Bishop Rachel signed a Bishop’s Instrument which was sent to all Clergy and Churchwardens that allows for an extension to the date by which parishes are required to hold the APCM meeting this year.  In place of the date of 31 May required by the Church Representation Rules, the instrument allows for an extension this year to 31 July 2021.

In May, Helen Crawford, Office Manager at Church House, sent an email to all Clergy, Churchwardens and PCC Secretaries with the forms for completion following the APCM. This included the Electoral Roll certificate, Return of Parish Officers form and Data Protection Form. All these forms should be completed and returned as soon as possible after the APCM has taken place. Copies of the form can be found on our website:  The Return of Parish Officers form is available in both Word and PDF as we know some parishes have had trouble printing the Word version.

Forms can be returned to Helen Crawford and Laura Evans by email to ku.gr1719045884o.coi1719045884dsolg1719045884@esuo1719045884hhcru1719045884hc1719045884 or by post to Church House, College Green, Gloucester GL1 2EY.

At present, we have received 27% of returns from parishes. To ensure that our database is updated accordingly wo we have the correct person listed against various roles within the parish, we would appreciate that the forms are returned no later than 31 August 2021. We will then make contact with individual parishes who have not returned the forms by this date.

If you are not sure if your forms have been sent back already, or have any queries regarding the forms, please contact Laura Evans on Church House Reception.

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