Sport ministry in a virtual world – webinar now available

Published: Wednesday July 8, 2020

On July 2, Emily (of PSALMS sports ministry) was asked by Scripture Union, in partnership with Leadership Lab international, to deliver an online webinar on ‘Sports Ministry in a virtual world’.

This hour webinar shared some of what PSALMS have been doing during lockdown, as work went from face-to-face to completely virtual, lessons learnt along the way and a brief glimpse into what might be next. 35 people from over 10 countries worldwide engaged with the webinar, with some encouraging feedback and several looking into implementing some of what was shared.

Webinar title: ‘Exploring how we can continue to use sport and games as a way of sharing the Christian faith with children, young people and families during lockdown and bringing about experiential learning using virtual methods.

To watch the webinar follow this link: For the password, please contact Emily on ten.k1695410239u.sml1695410239asp@g1695410239giwt.1695410239ylime1695410239 / 07414018508

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