No garden? No problem – vicar makes space for sport

Published: Friday May 15, 2020

The Revd Tim Hastie-Smith shares plans for making sport available to all during lock-down

“This may look like a family badminton set in a churchyard but if you look closely you will also see a simple act of care and love for children and families.

“This is the first tentative steps towards offering an opportunity for physical and mental health to families who have been struggling under lock down. Working within government advice and guidance and encouraged by many community groups the OneLife team are moving tentatively towards fulfilling the diocesan commitment to provide opportunities for physical and mental well-being alongside our promise to feed the most needy.

“The small area in Bibury churchyard illustrated is kitted out with regularly cleansed and sanitised equipment that is available to families who have no garden or access to sports equipment. They book it directly with the vicar to ensure that only one family is making use of the opportunity at any one time, carefully following current guidelines. It has proved an instant hit (excuse the pun) and is in full accord with G]government guidelines. But this is only the start….”

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  1. These sermon videos have proved positive for me at home with my own thoughts. They nurture our spiritual thinking at a time when we cannot attend our own church services and I am enjoying the variety of speakers. Thank you all.

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