Weekly roundup: sermon, podcast and readings for June 21

Published: Tuesday June 16, 2020

This week’s offerings of sermon, podcast and reading/reflection, ready for Sunday June 21.


The Sermon Slot

Jesus said he came not to bring peace, but a sword … what does it mean to live courageously in a broken world?

The Ven Hilary Dawson shares her sermon for June 21. Each week we share a sermon and a reading for use the upcoming Sunday.

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Families Gospel video

Released every Tuesday; a short video for children and households, based on the Gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday. This Gospel message from a senior member of clergy is short, simple and shareable! The Rt Revd Robert Springett, Bishop of Tewkesbury’s reflection on the Gospel reading for this Sunday, June 21.

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Listen again: Podcast Episode 6

Lockdown for those inside the prison service. With the impact of Covid-19 prisons across the country are facing many different challenges, so what does ‘lockdown’ look like for one particular woman’s prison?

Bishop Rachel (who is the Church of England Bishop for Women’s Prisons), talks to Suzy Diamond-White, Governor of HMP Eastwood Park, based in the Diocese of Gloucester, to discuss the impact Covid-19 has had on the staff, women and the running of the prison. They also talk about the need for society to think differently about sending women to prison and the importance of community rehabilitation. This recording was made a month ago, and since it was made, women in prison have still not had face-to-face contact with their children.

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