Safe Homes for Women Leaving Prison

Published: Thursday October 15, 2020

Since July 2019, following concerns raised in the course of our work about the high numbers of women leaving prison to no fixed abode, London Prisons Mission have led research and development on the Safe Homes for Women Leaving Prison initiative, in collaboration with other public, private and voluntary sector agencies. The findings and recommendations presented to Ministers and the Mayor of London outline the changes to policies and practices required to prevent such a shameful situation in future.

The full findings & recommendations in the report can be found here.


Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester and Bishop for HM Prisons, has said, ‘This report highlights what we have known for a very long time which is that secure housing is vital for the rehabilitation of women leaving prison. This is not an unsurmountable problem yet it is still not being satisfactorily addressed. It requires government commitment and action at national and local level as well as people working in partnership. The recommendations in this report are not intended for a filing cabinet but rather to be lived.’

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