Recycle your used candles

Published: Friday March 6, 2020

Pauline Farman, Churn Valley Benefice

“What happens to your candle-ends; wax chipped off those window ledges following a carol service; wax shavings from making candle-ends fit; votive-candle bits and containers, etc?  Does it all end up in the bin and subsequently in landfill?  If so, there is a solution.

“Please place your candle-waste into a separate bag or bin and it can be recycled.  There are two men who have made it their business to recycle candle-waste from cathedrals, churches, hotels, pubs and the general public.  It is then made into new candles that they sell.   It won’t make any money for your church, but it won’t cost you anything either, except you will know that you are helping the environment as it’s not going into landfill.

“You may think that the little waste you generate is negligible, but remember we have a Cathedral, an Abbey and hundreds of churches across the Diocese who all use candles at some time or other and many in their congregations do so in their homes, and not just when there’s a power cut.  So, don’t hide your light under a bushel (or landfill), recycle it and it will shine for longer.    This has the support of the Diocesan Environmental Officer, the Revd Arthur Champion as well as the Revd Cate Williams and the Revd David Minns who guides the nine Churches in the Churn Valley Benefice.”

Pauline says that she is happy to coordinate the collection of the candles. For further information, etc, please contact:  moc.t1695375847enret1695375847nitb@169537584791nam1695375847rafen1695375847iluap1695375847

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  1. I am a sacristan at St Mary RC Church in Langho (BB68DW)
    We have 3 churches in the parish and all have numerous old candles for recycling. Are you able to help?

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