Personal Shapes for Living

Published: Tuesday December 1, 2020

Many of you will be aware of Seeking Shapes for Living – a course helping people explore a Rule of Life.

We are pleased to announce that we have now launched Personal Shapes for Living.

What is Personal Shapes for Living?

Have you ever wondered how to grow and develop as a follower of Christ? How to find your own way for living life to the full? Personal Shapes for Living, using some the principles of the Seeking Shapes for Living Course, offers you the chance to walk alongside a mentor or encourager to explore how you might grow in faith as a lifetime journey.

You will be encouraged to explore every aspect of your life and find ways of growth, transformation and flourishing. The encourager won’t be an ‘expert’ but someone who knows how to ask some good questions and who will help you keep on track with what you commit to exploring. More importantly they too will be someone who is seeking to grow in the transforming love of God.

For more information please contact Pauline Godfrey on ku.gr1695385531o.coi1695385531dsolg1695385531@yerf1695385531dogp1695385531.


Seeking Personal Shapes for Living Encouragers

  • Are you a good listener and someone who naturally enables others in their faith?
  • Would you like the opportunity to help someone explore their personal faith journey?
  • Would you like to deepen your own faith journey?

If the answer is yes then becoming a Personal Shapes for Living encourager could be the thing for you!

In January we we are launching Personal Shapes for Living (see above). We are seeking people who would be willing to offer themselves as a mentor/encourager to help other Christians explore how they might grow in faith as a lifetime journey.

You would be committing to:

  • having a short time of training around the five areas of Shapes for Living and the kind of questions which might be asked
  • speak for an hour, to one or more people, four times a year for at least 12 months. The number of people you support would be entirely up to you and what time you could offer.

We believe the experience of helping someone else, means you also explore and deepen your own faith story. In addition you will become part of a wider network across the diocese of Christians supporting and encouraging each other.

Mentors need to be people who are good listeners and who naturally enable others in their faith, or would if they had the opportunity. If this is not for you, maybe you could think of someone else who would love to do this?

If you would be interested to be involved, the first step is to speak to your local vicar and agree together that this is something you wish to apply for. You will need to have done C1 and C2 safeguarding training. But if you haven’t done this your local vicar can explain more and safeguarding training can be arranged.

Don’t be bound by age, if this is something you would like to explore then we want to hear from you.

For more information please contact Pauline Godfrey on ku.gr1695385531o.coi1695385531dsolg1695385531@yerf1695385531dogp1695385531.

3 thoughts on “Personal Shapes for Living

  1. Hi Pauline – I’d be happy to do this if you are short of folk.
    Happy New Year too!
    Every blessing

  2. Thank you Val – yes please. What about people from your benefice? Might they be willing too?

  3. Really think that this is a great inspiration. To talk and listen to people who desire to draw closer to Christ, and to walk with Him daily, would be a privilege and a delight.

    Best wishes and prayers,

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