Podcast Episode 4: In the face of devastation – Bishop Rachel in conversation with The Nelson Trust about domestic abuse

Published: Tuesday May 26, 2020

Engagement: Living out Christ’s love and hope.

As those who have experienced the love of God in Jesus Christ we are called to join in with the work of the kingdom of God as we pray for the Holy Spirit to be at work within us, between us and around us bringing transformative healing, justice, peace and new life. This is the backdrop for these conversations with Bishop Rachel which reveal not only the devastation of broken relationship but also the restorative power of love and care. In this fourth podcast episode, Bishop Rachel talks to members of the Nelson Trust about domestic abuse.

In these strange days of a viral pandemic when we are all living with the unknown and wondering what the future looks like and the part we might play in shaping it, perhaps this conversation may take on a new significance.

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NB. Bishop Rachel is President of The Nelson Trust

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