Nativity story retold in LEGO (R)

Published: Friday December 11, 2020

From the creators of the Easter LEGO story comes a gorgeous retelling of the Christmas story.

It all started with the Word. The re-telling of the familiar Christmas Story (or Nativity) – Jesus (the Word) becoming human and living among us. Angel Gabriel visiting Mary, the long journey whilst heavily pregnant, the non ideal location to give birth in the room of the house where the animals were kept, the choosing of the least in society (shepherds) to be the first to hear the message of God here as human.

Light shining in darkness.

Hope and love in the world.

And then maybe some artistic license – there probably wasn’t a one-eyed “minion” sheep. Gabriel probably didn’t wear winged headgear. The angels probably didn’t dance to a sick beat. Or did they? The words accompanying this are based on text from the Bibles, which can be found in Luke 1 and 2, John 1:1-5 and Isaiah 9:2

Please feel free to use this video in any context you wish – if you would like a standalone copy to embed within services, assemblies, reflections etc, please get in contact with Steve and Kiri at ku.oc1713102352.daeh1713102352bkubt1713102352hgil@1713102352evets1713102352.

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