Literature Festival Round up video

Published: Monday November 2, 2020

Covid restrictions meant that the diocesan team were not able to be at the Chatterbox family tent at this year’s Cheltemham Literature Festival, but we were able to sponsor two great talks,

‘Silencing your inner critic’ and ‘Has Coronavirus changed our community?’

200,000 viewers logged in to watch the Festival as it was live-streamed for the first time in our history. The Festival combined digital and in-person events, as 290 authors and speakers including Elif Shafak, the Kanneh-Mason family, Raynor Winn, Bolu Babalola, Hashi Mohamed, Naoise Dolan, internet superstars Olive, Mabel and Andrew Cotter, Ian Hislop and Richard Osman came to Cheltenham to appear on stage.

More than 180 schools downloaded the free Create Your Own Festival Pack, designed to allow schools to create the atmosphere of #cheltlitfest in the classroom. We also hosted the 2020 CLiPPA Poetry Award Show, where poet  Zaro Weil won with her poem, Cherry Moon.

After speaking at the Festival, Guest Curator Elif Shafak said: “It’s very exciting and precious to be here. Literary festivals are among our last remaining democratic spaces and we need them for our sanity, we need culture and art to have nuanced conversations, nurture empathy, feed knowledge and turn good words into good action.”

Click on the picture to watch the round up video.


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