Harnhill Centre to reopen for personal retreats

Published: Friday July 10, 2020

The Harnhill Centre for Christian Healing, near Cirencester, is opening for personal retreats from 5 August.

For those in need of a break and some time to relax and reset, the centre is offering informal personal retreats. Your breakfast will be brought to your room on a tray and lunch and supper served in the airy dining room. If you feel the need for some spiritual refreshment, there will be three optional services a day where you can join with the staff to worship. There is no expectation that any guests will be practising Christians.

You can pre-book a chat with two team members, so that they can listen and pray with you about any difficult situations you might be facing.

It’s an opportunity to rest, read, explore the gardens and relax.

The centre will be accepting up to seven guests at a time and 2m physical distancing guidelines will be observed.

The Revd Kate Picot, the Director at Harnhill, said, “When people approach Harnhill, they say that they have a tremendous feeling of peace as they drive towards the house. I think any place that is prayed in a lot has a very presence sense of peace. The staff are here to make people feel loved and welcomed and then we wait to see what God does while they are here.”

For more details, including prices and availability, visit their website.

One thought on “Harnhill Centre to reopen for personal retreats

  1. I have been to Harnhill on a number of occasions and found so much peace and renewal of my soul.
    I would dearly love to come for a retreat during the month of August . Is there any chance that you would be able to accommodate me?

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