FestivALL link up July 2020

Published: Monday July 20, 2020

What is it all about?

FestivALL 2020 is all about linking up, celebrating and building connections, on and offline, and making sure that everyone is included in some way. During the Covid-19 pandemic people have been finding different and creative ways of keeping in touch with friends, family and neighbours and we want to celebrate this. We are asking people across Gloucestershire to make their own paper chains, and either display them in a window for their friends and neighbours to see, or email or upload a picture online for people to see virtually (or both!) We think a paper chain is a great representation of how people have come together and link up with friends, old and new, during these unprecedented times.

How can I join in?

This year there are a few different ways to join in with FestivALL…
You can get creative:

*Make a chain; out of paper, old magazines, wool, fabric… anything you might have lying around the house. Or visit www.festivall.org to download a chain to make or decorate.

*Display your chain; put your chain up in your window and post a picture online on the FestivALL Facebook page, or email us using the details below and we will do it for you.

*Help someone else make a chain; maybe you could give someone some materials to make a chain, print off a FestivALL downloadable chain or maybe arrange a video call to make yours with friends.

You can join us online

*Enter our competition; when you have completed your chain, send a picture to us (using the details below), telling us what the chain represents for you and you will be entered into a draw to win one of the prize hampers.

*Join in online; join in on the FestivALL Facebook page where we are creating a digital chain showcasing people and organisations who are inclusive and helping people stay connected

*Join in with an online FestivALL event; we have a couple of events happening during July that you can join in with (keep an eye on the FestivALL website to find out more) Visit www.festivall.org to find out more or search for us on social media. If you would like to send us a picture of your chain, or just ask a question, email us: gro.t1709262994surtd1709262994oownr1709262994ab@ma1709262994da.yc1709262994ul1709262994

For more information, please see the leaflet here.

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