Hope for Creation: Building a Greener Future Together

Published: Thursday December 17, 2020

Environmental podcastsgaia Ruth Valerio environmentWe are pleased to share recordings of two events from our ‘Hope for Creation’ online symposium, inspired by Luke Jerram’s Gaia Exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral in Autumn 2020.

In the first recording, Dr Ruth Valerio (Global Advocacy and Influencing Director at Tearfund) speaks on the topic of ‘A World Rebooted’, exploring lessons we have learned about our relationship with the environment during the global pandemic, and encouraging listeners to act on this knowledge to help build a more sustainable future.

In the second recording, ‘Green Community Engagement’, a range of speakers share stories about community projects in Gloucestershire with an environmental focus. By celebrating local action and promoting good practice, we hope to encourage other such community initiatives all across the county and beyond!


Interested in finding out more?

Please take a look at:

The Diocese of Gloucester’s Environment page
Gloucester Cathedral’s Environment page

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