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Published: Friday August 14, 2020

For those new to EcoChurch and for those who are already started and exploring their next steps, we have put together some zoom seminars in the Autumn.  Recognising that the needs of those new to this and those who are already moving forward, we have split the content into two separate sessions: Getting Started, and Next Steps.

EcoChurch is an award programme managed by the Christian Environmental charity A Rocha UK.  Churches are challenged to commit themselves to actions which are positive for God’s creation under five headings: Worship and Teaching; Buildings; Land; Lifestyle; and Community and Global.  Registration is online and free although there is a charge for an award plaque, and donations to A Rocha are welcome for churches who are able to consider this.  Those responsible for listed buildings will be glad to know that there are exemptions from certain expectations that would be impossible to implement in an ancient and protected building!  The ethos is all about doing what we can and making a commitment to positive change, but not stressing about the impossible.

The ‘Next Steps‘ seminars are on Tuesday 6th October, repeated at 11am and 7pm.  The focus here will be on exploring areas where people may have got stuck having started the process, with advice and discussion about how to move forwards.  The seminar may also be of interest for those who have achieved Bronze and are moving onto Silver.

The ‘Getting Started‘ seminars are on Wednesday 18th November, repeated at 11am and 7pm.  The focus here will be on introducing EcoChurch to those who are new to it, making sure that people know how to get started with the registration process, and answering any questions that you may have.

The earlier date set for ‘Next Steps’ is due to our goal of the end of 2020 for our Diocesan bronze award.  Caring for God’s creation is the most important thing here, rather than the awards in themselves, but the award scheme is a useful tool to help us with this, and we’d love to meet the deadline we set ourselves at Diocesan Synod.    We already have enough registered for Bronze level, and are grateful to all churches who have got started.  We need a few more of those registered to gain an award if we are to make our deadline.  Next year we’ll be onwards towards Silver, which means more churches working towards Bronze and those who are there already, working towards Silver.

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