Care of Churches and DAC Team

Published: Wednesday December 16, 2020

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Adam Klups

Senior Church Buildings Officer – Care of Churches and DAC Team Leader
Call us 01452 835567

Email us any time ku.gr1716826601o.coi1716826601dsolg1716826601@spul1716826601ka1716826601

For emergencies and churchyard regulations-related queries, please contact your archdeacon:


Church Buildings Administrator

General enquiries, Net Zero, QI process-related questions and the Online Faculty System.

Teresa Hudson ku.gr1716826601o.coi1716826601dsolg1716826601@nosd1716826601uht1716826601
Assistant Church Buildings Officer

List B applications, faculty casework and DAC-meeting related queries, working days Tuesday to Thursday.

Hilary Menendez 01452 835602 ku.gr1716826601o.coi1716826601dsolg1716826601@zedn1716826601enemh1716826601
Church Buildings Support Officer Oliver Mitchell 07818 035 597 ku.gr1716826601o.coi1716826601dsolg1716826601@lleh1716826601ctimo1716826601


Closed Churches and Strategic Church Projects

Kath Hilsden

Kath Hilsden

Senior Church Buildings Officer – Closed Churches and Strategic Church Projects
Call us 01452 835593

Email us any time


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