Bishop Rachel responds to Life on Hold research

Published: Thursday July 30, 2020

Every year the Children’s Society measure the well-being of children in the UK through a regular survey, with the findings presented in their Good Childhood Report. This research has shown how, since 2009, children’s well-being in this country has been in decline.

In their 2020 survey, they included a number of questions to gauge the impact of Coronavirus and the resulting social distancing/lockdown measures on children’s lives.

Their Life on Hold research released today, brings together the findings of survey questions about Covid-19. You can view the full report here –

Bishop Rachel said. 

“The outcomes of this research and report are sobering with the recognition that the impact of Covid-19 on children has meant a large increase of young people being unhappy with their lives. We also know that we haven’t yet seen the full impact of this global pandemic, which is expected to affect the happiness and mental well-being of young people for years to come.

“Recently I did a podcast with young people and the conversation reflected this research that showed how young people have really missed being with their friends in person. As a Christian I believe that human beings are created in the image of God to live in relationship, and therefore young people being isolated from friends and family has undoubtedly affected their well-being and mental health.

“Taking action now is vital and I fully support the measures being called for by the Children’s Society to ensure more support in schools, a properly funded and joined up early intervention strategy and better financial support for low-income families.”

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