This weeks message from Bishop Rachel

Published: Tuesday July 28, 2020

Yesterday’s gospel reading for Holy Communion was Matthew 13: 31-35 in which Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed that is sown in a field and grows into an enormous tree.

It is a powerful image and led me to reflect on how these past few months have in many ways been a season of small things which have grown large. A tiny virus has grown into something huge which has had a devastating impact across the world. Yet we have also seen small acts of love, justice and kindness which have grown into something beautiful and life-giving.

Jesus’ parable speaks of something small growing into something enormous and yet it is not primarily about celebrating size but rather celebrating what that growth enables as the birds of the air find their home in the tree’s branches. When the Kingdom of God is experienced there is generous hospitality, inclusivity and belonging. Here is community.

As we move into August, Bishop Robert and I want to say thank you for all the small seeds of the Kingdom that have been planted in many different ways and places across this diocese and indeed the world, not least in relationships with our partner dioceses. We continue to pray for God to water that seed in the weeks and months ahead.

Rest and relaxation is also frequently made up of small things. This August may we take time to notice the small things of beauty and life, and take time to enjoy what we too often dismiss as insignificant. The goodness of small things can lead to new growth in our lives as we find ourselves discovering more of what it means to enter into life in all its fullness, and as we go on becoming the people God has called us to be individually and together.

This comes with continued thanks and prayers

Bishop Rachel

(Tuesday 28 July)

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