“What a difference a confirmation makes”

Published: Monday October 21, 2019

Confirmation at Clearwel

Isabel Winstanley tells us about her recent confirmation in Clearwell

“During my career I was often heard to declare, ‘What a difference a difference makes’. It is a notion I developed for therapeutic and conciliation processes. By doing something different, a person could make a difference to their life, bring a new perspective or changes in their thinking, emotional responses and deeds.

“A person came to Christianity at one of our parish churches. Another person had returned to church attendance at a different church. Both wanted to be confirmed; understandably people could be a little nervous about the process. What did a life long church attender and a returnee worshiper of many years say? ‘We’ll be confirmed with you’. Another recent attendee joined us, now we were five being prepared for confirmation.

“Was lending support a good enough reason to be confirmed? Was handing out hymn books, publicising events, working on the wild life garden, setting up the altar and all the myriad of tasks I so much enjoyed in fellowship with co-workers a reason to join the club? Should I join a club that would have me as a member?

“It was a wonderful Confirmation service with a feast worthy of the ceremony. A time now for reflection, what is different?

The unexpected huge emotional experience; my unexpressed, taken for granted, unshakeable faith’s different perspective on belonging and committing, not simply to a church but to the Anglican Christian faith. Travelling recently, visiting Anglican churches to study or attend services, I experienced a new un-anticipated sense of belonging.”

If you are interested in confirmation, speak to your parish priest or visit our website.

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