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Published: Tuesday June 4, 2019

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What does it mean to live a faith ‘Sunday through to Saturday’? How can we be the Church in such a broken world? Bishop Rachel talks about the culture change before us, as we move together towards freedom in Christ.

She says, “Living and sharing a Jesus shaped life … that’s what discipleship is all about […] This is about being the seasoning of salt throughout our world; the shining of light in places of immense pain and struggle; being the fragrance of Christ wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Living and sharing a Jesus-shaped life. And this is not about super confident people walking round with big cheesy grins and slick words and set formulae about how to do evangelism.

“This is about our identity in Christ – being more fully who we are as we continue to go on becoming who we have been called to be – it’s about authentic discipleship in places of pain and struggle as well as places of ease and joy.”

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