Remebering Srebrenica

Published: Monday July 1, 2019

Dear friends,

This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, where 8372 men and boys were murdered simply because of their Muslim faith in July 1995. Remembering Srebrenica, a British charitable initiative, will be working with people across the country to remember and honour the victims of Srebrenica during the Memorial Week from 7-14 July.

Earlier this year Bishop Rachel and I joined a Remembering Srebrenica delegation of Christian Women. I had the opportunity and privilege to meet survivors from Srebrenica, who in the face of the hatred, seek justice not revenge. Whilst at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre in Potoari, we had the opportunity to live our Ash Wednesday liturgy, surrounded by over 6,000 graves of some of the victims. It was an incredibly moving experience and one that has inspired me to reach out and encourage this important commemoration.

This year we would like to encourage all churches in the Diocese to hold a simple act of remembrance during services on either Sunday 7or 14 July. Churches may wish to recite a pledge to remember, incorporate a candle lighting, host a small table display on Srebrenica or devote prayers to the victims and survivors of the genocide. There are many very simple ways to honour the victims, and Remembering Srebrenica have a wealth resources to support you. Visit

I encourage you to make every effort to commemorate Srebrenica Memorial Week, and to mark it annually. Please email ku.gr1709257011o.aci1709257011nerbe1709257011rs@st1709257011neve1709257011 or phone the Remembering Srebrenica team on 0121 454 3343 so that they can register your activity, no matter how small, and send you the resources you require.

With every blessing


Lucy Taylor
Director of Communications and Engagement
Diocese of Gloucester

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