Messy Confirmation – Possible First for Messy Church?

Published: Wednesday April 3, 2019

On Thursday 14 March a confirmation service was held at St Peter’s, Newnham, in the Diocese of Gloucester. But this was a confirmation service with a difference – it was Messy Confirmation! In common with other examples of Messy Church, this was an act of worship, but one which involves craft activities as an integral part of the worship and teaching

The service began by everyone being invited to contribute to the creation of a ‘river’ on a large piece of paper as a reminder of baptism. Bishop Rachel then gathered everyone together and the Revd Dr Rob James, the Vicar, told the story of Jesus calling his first disciples. Everyone then took part in a craft activity to remember that story and to remember that we were all caught by the love of God. The congregation then gathered around the font and confirmands Lucy and Jaz affirmed for themselves the promises made at their baptism on their behalf by their godparents. Bishop Rachel enjoyed sprinkling both them and everyone else with water as a reminder of baptism. After another brief craft activity to remember the importance of the Holy Spirit in everyone’s life, Lucy and Jaz were signed with the cross and confirmed by bishop. A lighted candle was presented to each of them as a reminder of the light of Christ that is with them always and singing Walk in the Light of the Lord, the congregation enjoyed a meal together.

Rob said “Messy Church is run every month at St Peter’s. We have held a service of Messy Baptism and we hold Messy Communions from time to time. Holding a service of Messy Confirmation was a natural thing to do. It was wonderful to see everyone joining in with the whole of the service. There was no sense in which some of it was for adults and other bits for children. All of it was for everyone.”



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