Holistic gym the Armoury opens in Cheltenham

Published: Friday May 31, 2019

Spotlight on The Armoury

The Armoury is a new Christian-run gym, connecting with young men and women with no church background. 85% of the members are ages 18-25.

Founder Jon Taylor has a vision of creating a
supportive, Christian culture in the gym. The core ethos is that it focuses on mental well-being as well as physical fitness. The Armoury is also very accessible with minimal monthly fees.

Jon realised that the support he found in church was not being found in other hubs of culture, such as gyms.This lack of conversation, community and support saddened Jon, inspiring him to create a gym that sought to serve the physical, mental and social needs of communities and those not in churches.

He said: “The Armoury has provided a community where people are not judged on what they look like, how far they can run, what they say but on who they truly are. We value people and progress, over perfection.”

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