Centre for Mission in Matson, radio interview with lead evangelist Andy Wilson

Published: Monday September 16, 2019

Andy Wilson is the new Lead Evangelist at the Matson Centre for Mission. He’s part of the Church Army and is also working within the Diocese of Gloucester. He will be spending 80% of time working alongside the people of Matson and the rest of his time more widely across the Diocese of Gloucester.

Some 60 people were there to see the launch of the new Centre for Mission. He was licensed to his new ministry by Bishop Rachel and interviewed by Bishop Robert. Those who came were also treated to a magic show!

Richard Atkins interviewed Andy about his ministry on BBC Radio Glos on Sunday 8 September, the day of the launch.

Andy said, “I’m going to be there and listen to the people and see how I can serve. I want to get alongside people and look to serve them in their life.”

Andy, lost his sight when he was nine and says that this has in many ways brought him advantages. He said “I can’t go up to somebody because I can’t see that they are there, so I rely on people seeing me. Walking around Matson or Gloucester people will recognise me and hopefully not trip over the stick!…

“It’s a good conversation starter… I find it breaks down a lot of barriers when people come and talk. However people look makes no difference to me – it’s all about the person and the character of the person.”

You can listen to the full interview here (starts at 1:07:00 to 1:14:39).

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