Celebrating 50 years of The Children’s Society’s Christingle

Published: Tuesday January 29, 2019

As many of you will be aware, 2018 was a very special year for Christingle, as it marked 50 years since the first Christingle service on behalf of The Children’s Society. It’s been a wonderful and exciting Christingle season with churches and schools across the country celebrating in numerous creative ways! With 32 Cathedral services and thousands of church and school Christingles taking place all across the country, all remembering Jesus bringing light to the earth, it really has been an incredible Christingle season.

From building giant Christingles to selling Christingle marmalade with leftover oranges, there has been an amazing effort to engage children and families, to bring communities together, and to raise money for children who feel alone at Christmas. We are grateful that so many have taken part in this effort to raise more money at Christingles than ever, to help some of this country’s most vulnerable young people.

A highlight was the release of a new song for Christingle’s 50th anniversary, Light a Candle, which has been performed in churches and schools across the country. It was a privilege to see this performed in several Cathedral services and we were delighted that Light a Candle featured on a special Christingle episode of Songs of Praise, which you might have spotted? The episode itself was a wonderful way to celebrate; it featured an interview with the Archbishop about the meaning of a Christingle, the story of a young person we helped and a Christingle cake!

Thank you

The money raised through Christingles for The Children’s Society helps to provide direct support to vulnerable children and young people who may be living in poverty, experiencing mental health issues, living in care or just about to leave the care system or at risk of sexual or criminal exploitation.

If you have been involved with Christingle in any way, whether that’s organising a service, promoting it, attending or donating at a Christingle, we want to say a huge thank you. We are so grateful for all the time and effort that has gone into celebrating 50 years since Christingle was introduced to the Church of England. Your support will help us to make sure that no child feels alone.

It’s not too late to bank your Christingle donation online at christingle.org

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