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Published: Wednesday May 1, 2019

Community Projects Fund

Criteria for Applicants

Applications for grant aid will only be considered for projects that fall within the Cotswold District Council Boundary. Applications will not be considered where a project has already commenced. Additional information regarding eligibility can be found here


What can I apply for?

You can apply for a range of capital projects provided they demonstrate a clear community need in either of the following areas.  Please note that your project must benefit more than one sector of the community. Grants will be awarded on the merits of individual applications, so applications deemed to be of limited community benefit will be turned down.

Ongoing revenue costs are not eligible.

Projects need to fulfil one of the two categories below:

Enhancement of community facilities (buildings and access to services) – To assist the development and enhancement of community facilities such as village and community hall improvements, disabled access (eg toilets, ramps, lifts, hearing loops), equipment (eg facilitating access to IT, furniture).  Grant aid will be considered for refurbishment, improvements and the purchase of plant/fixtures and fittings (eg Heating systems).  We will also consider purchase of existing community facilities.  Redecoration, routine maintenance and running costs (i.e. general wear and tear) are not eligible.  .  Applicants are encouraged to consider the environmental impact of their proposals, and consider actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Recreation and Play Facilities – This could include youth shelters, skateboard equipment, disabled access, tables and benches to enhance local use of facilities and other small indoor and outdoor play equipment.  Redecoration and routine maintenance costs to the equipment, safety surface and site (i.e. general wear and tear) are not eligible.

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