Bishop Robert showed support at Gloucester Pride

Published: Monday September 9, 2019

Bishop Robert joined volunteers in the Multi Faith Tent at Gloucester Pride on Saturday 14 September.

Volunteers in the multi-faith tent were there to be a friendly and visible face, helping to ensure that everyone knows they have a welcome in our churches.

Bishop Robert said, “I was delighted to be able to come along and spend some time at Pride. It is an essential part of the Gospel message that Jesus shows God’s love for everyone and that there is a place in God’s Church for us all”.

This year’s Pride event commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and the birth of LGBTQ+ liberation.

Gloucester Pride paid tribute to the people who stood up for the rights of people to be accepted for who they are.

At 9.15am there were Prayers for Pride at St Mary de Crypt Church, Southgate Street, GL1 1TP. It was a relaxed and contemplative time of prayer celebrating diversity and God’s love for all. Following the prayers, the congregation joined the Pride March.

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2 thoughts on “Bishop Robert showed support at Gloucester Pride

  1. I am disappointed that a bishop of the Church of England would give support to the ideology of LGBT+ . It seems to me that officially the C of E has somehow confused welcome with approval. Of course, everyone is welcomed as human beings, what ever their beliefs and commitments. There is a huge diversity about being human. However, active homosexual relationships are not to be accepted: firstly, because God’s Word condemns such practices in no uncertain terms; secondly, because people with a homosexual orientation or identity are not what they are as created in God’s image – diversity cannot be stretched to accommodate whatever a person claims to be; thirdly, because acceptance is not the most loving attitude to extend to a practising homosexual. If the concern is to introduce the message of the Gospel to such people, so that they become followers of Jesus Christ, then discipleship will demand a reorientation of their beliefs and actions. Jesus offers a wholly different kind of liberation from that proclaimed by the LGBT+ set of convictions. The Church dare not compromise what God has ordained, which is a monogamous relationship of a man and of a woman in marriage and for life, and no other relationship in which sexual intimacy may be practised.

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