Active Prayer Space

Published: Tuesday July 23, 2019

Earlier this month (8-12 July) PSALMS (Putting Sport Alongside Local Ministries) ran Maidenhill Secondary School’s first ‘Active Prayer Space’ in Stonehouse. Over 400 students from years 8-11 came as part of their Religious Education and Ethics and Philosophy lessons and spent the time hearing about what prayer is, who prays, how we can pray and then had 20 minutes to go around the 12 ‘Active Prayer Stations’. To end we good some feedback as to how they found the experience, which stations they enjoyed most and anonymous feedback on whether it had changed their minds on prayer.

The 12 stations covered the following themes; grief, encouragement, big questions, thankfulness, the world, dreams/goals, sin, future plans, temptation, making your mark, being wonderfully made and challenges. The pupils particularly enjoyed spending time reflecting, shredding their mistakes, writing down big questions they have for God, the sensory nature of the room and doing hands on activities.

Feedback from the school was really positive, so much so that they have asked PSALMS to come and do several new things next year; a ‘grill a Christian’ lesson for year 11s in September, an ‘Active Experience Christmas week’, an ‘Active Experience Easter week’  and another ‘Active Prayer Space’ in the summer term. God did immeasurably more than we ever could have imagined with this (Ephesians 3:20), plus we also don’t know the impact it has had on each individual pupil (and teacher) who came along.

PSALMS were supported by 10 local volunteers from the churches in Stonehouse who were fantastic! We also had more people wanting to help than needed, which bodes well for the increase of activities like this which we have been asked to deliver next academic year.

For a walk-through video of the individual stations, visit PSALMS’ YouTube Channel. For more information or if you would like to use any of our material, please email Emily at ten.k1696284351u.sml1696284351asp@g1696284351giwt.1696284351ylimE1696284351

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