Welcome, inclusion and disability

Published: Wednesday August 29, 2018

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Livability have produced a new resource to help churches think through and plan their approach to welcome of people with disabilities and full inclusion in all aspects of church life .  The resource is available here.

The resource was launched at a national conference, photos and a report from the conference are here.  Pauline Godfrey and Steve Morris represented Gloucester Diocese.

The day considered what barriers disabled people can face in church life, and what churches can do to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take part and share their gifts and talents.  Professor John Swinton, who gave the keynote address, said that: “We need another dimension; a dimension that the church brings to the conversation that may not be available within standard approaches to disability that focus only on issues around justice and social inclusion.”   The extra dimension that we offer, from our faith perspective, goes beyond human rights, and concerns belonging, and the valuing of the giftedness of every human being.

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