Out of turmoil: Sam’s story

Published: Thursday June 21, 2018

Life personal story Sam Cavender

Trying to deal with years of addiction, turmoil and self-harm, Sam (our digital comms officer) shares his personal story.

“Over a period of years I actually craved death, so it got quite bad. I found myself at crisis point where I was unable to speak.”

He continues, “I lay in bed for about three days terrified and, mechanically I just couldn’t talk. It was really scary, and in that place I just had to admit that I couldn’t sort it out, and for the first time in my life I really let go; I really said to God, ‘God if you exist, you do it because I can’t. I’ve got nothing, I’ve tried everything.’

Watch the video:

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Many thanks to Mario Genovese and Denise Ko Genovese, who asked to film this story for the diocese (Sam’s normally behind the camera!).

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