My vocation: Ed’s story

Published: Monday April 30, 2018

Revd Ed Sauven vocations storyFollowing our series of ordinations stories, we met with Revd Ed Sauven to hear a little about his own extraordinary story. Ed told us, “I really did just this massive prayer of surrender, saying ‘Okay God I’ve messed up big time here; what does your way look like?’ and that was a pivotal moment, so much of my life changed after that.”

Over the coming months we will be adding to our growing bank of vocations stories, hearing from people of a variety of backgrounds, both lay and ordained. If you have a story of your own and could be filmed sharing it, please contact Sam Cavender.

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We are also sharing personal faith/vocations stories via the #OurLIFEStory tag

Ed’s full story is below. He tells us, “The times I’ve surrendered in the past have been the times where the most beautiful things have happened, and so I want to follow wherever God is calling me.”


Watch the video below for the full story:


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