Forest Church: connecting with God out in nature

Published: Thursday May 24, 2018

Forest Church child running

Many people around us find that their most profoundly spiritual moments are when they are outdoors, in nature.

The Revd Cate Williams, our Mission and Evangelism Officer, says “Increasingly I find that I pray better outdoors, that being in the natural world is what best helps me to slow down from the busyness of daily life in order to reconnect with God and to earth myself in what is truly important.”

Forest Church is a contemporary movement, with roots in the long Christian tradition of engagement in nature, such as the Celtic and Franciscan approaches. Those engaged in Forest Church are seeking to meet with God in and through their connection with the natural world. The hope is that Forest Churches will become a spiritual home for those outside the traditional church who relate better to outdoor spirituality than gatherings in a church building.

Revd Cate goes on, “Forest Church makes sense for me personally, as well as for others who come along when we gather.”

We joined the Robinswood group to discover what Forest Church is all about:

Robinswood Forest Church on Facebook

Forest Church on Facebook

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