Diocese of Gloucester Parish Safeguarding Checklist

Published: Friday August 31, 2018

A message for all Safeguarding Nominated People and Incumbents:
(originally sent July 2018)


Please do take some time over the next couple of months to discuss, complete and return the 2018 Parish Safeguarding checklist.  This is something we are required to do annually within the Church’s national approaches to safeguarding generally and feedback helps us work out where we can best support our parishes and worshipping communities. The Diocesan Safeguarding Officers, Becca and Brett, are ready to help you too so if you have any problems please do get in contact with them.

The plan is that you use the following document to help you talk things through and make notes, report to PCC etc:

Archive for reference: 2018 Parish Safeguarding Checklist


You can then use that information HERE for the final online completion and submission of the checklist questionnaire.

The final date for submission is 30th September 2018.


We are going to use this online version for the next three years, so it will help us build a like for like picture each year to aide all our plans and communications and to share with the nationally collected data. If you think we have missed anything though, please do let us know! This email has been sent to Nominated People and incumbents in each parish to ensure it is received and then discussed at a PCC level prior to the online completion and submission.


Thank you for all you are doing across the Diocese to make our churches and worshipping communities as safe as possible for children and vulnerable adults.




One thought on “Diocese of Gloucester Parish Safeguarding Checklist

  1. Greetings Safeguarding team,
    Is there a new checklist for PCCS are are we using the 2018 one?
    Ann Kennett
    Edge church

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